NFT’s are a scam. Buy my very fungible paperclips instead.

How this works

NFT’s are a scam. In essence, they are a great way to compensate artists and designers fairly for their work, allowing for a correct transfer of ownership for digital art.

However, people started using them to gain a quick buck, riding a wild crypto trend.

That’s not why I created these paperclips. They took some time to make, export and upload too. They are just some fun digital assets.

You can purchase one, or a set, or more – whatever you like. Be aware however, you are merely the first ‘owner’, nothing will stop anyone to download your paperclips, or even buy them again at a higher bid.

I love you all.

If you want to purchase a very fungible token, send me a quick email at and we’ll sort it out. Every paperclip’s minimum price is 1 EUR. You will be mentioned as the purchaser with initials, or however you wish, next to the paperclips.


You can also drop the amount on BE65 7350 5319 5996, and mention which paperclips you want.